Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Got Room Diagram Setups? Enter MeetingMatrix Room Diagram Setup Competition and win $100 iTunes Gift Certificate.

room diagram
As our implementation teams travel around the globe we often get to see some fairly elaborate room diagram setups. The planners who build them are rightfully proud of them. So we thought we’d have a competition. The prize is a $100 iTunes gift certificate and the winning entry will be posted on our website.

The rules are simple.

1. Select a room diagram containing a setup worthy of a nod from our expert panel of judges.
2. Go to MeetingMatrix Facebook page:
a. Register as a fan – you need to do this to post an image
b. Enter a note in the “share” box on our Facebook wall
c. Attach your room diagram in JPG format –
600pixels wide x 480pixels high
d. We’ll be able to communicate with you via Facebook

Feel free to post multiple setups – and add comments to other postings.

All meeting/event planners are eligible. If planners need floor plans to work with they can go to http://www.meetingmatrix.com/Site/Default.html and use the “Diagram Search” tab. This will let users find sites with MeetingMatrix Certified Room Diagrams® – and also give them a free copy of MeetingMatrix 2010: Planner Edition.

We’ll accept entries until June 25th. A panel of MeetingMatrix room diagram setup experts will select the winner. The winner will be selected on basis of overall presentation.

This should be an interesting competition.

MeetingMatrix Facebook link:


Don Basler
Sr. Marketing Manager

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