Monday, May 3, 2010

Misplaced Meeting Space

meeting space

Working for a software company, one begins to see things at a different angle. Technology is ever changing and constantly improving. Most visitors to popular websites are savvy enough to be on the internet, but should they have to dig for the information they want? As we approach a new era of web design and function it is increasingly important to remember that “Navigation is the single most important element in creating accessible and usable web sites”( These observations and ultimately this entry came from a visit to a few sites to check out their meeting space.

When I first started looking for meeting space on some hotel and convention center websites, I was astonished at how hard it was to view the meeting room itself. Some sites offered microscopic pictures of the room with a setup in it. Others merely gave me room capacities. Anyone can toss out numbers to a mystery room…LET’S SEE IT!

It should take the person on your site minimal clicks to get from point A to B. Moreover, all similar information should be found in one spot. If I am interested in event space, I should be able to view all images and statistics associated with it in one area. This will minimize clicks, search time, and will improve my chances of booking.

How a venue communicates their property to event planners dictates much more than the quality of their website. This is a small window into the venue’s attention to detail and their ability to address the needs of each planner seeking event space.

Its no secret that we at MeetingMatrix® offer perfect communication tools for venues and planners. Our applications bring what each venues meeting space straight to the planner’s fingertips.

CapacityMatrix.NET™ is the missing piece of the planning puzzle. The capacity chart is taken to the next level with interactive features that include room diagrams that display recommended setups.

ActiveMatrix.NET™ gives the user the ability to create setups on the fly for RFP generation and is accessible anywhere the internet is available. PlanView.NET® is the one stop shop for every venue detail. Start with a bird’s eye view of the venue and its surrounding area and drill the whole way down to each meeting space.

Having the ideal meeting space for every planner is one thing. Displaying it where everyone can see it, is another.

Scott Sanker
Graphic Designer

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