Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Social Media – Wrestling with an Octopus

social media
At MeetingMatrix -- as with many companies – we are trying to build social media into our marketing mix. Recognizing that resources are often the limiting factor to successful social media implementation we set up a weekly social media marketing meeting to define our strategy and tactics. It is open to anyone in our company.

As with most volunteer opportunities there was a core group with occasional participation from others – but this seems to be changing/growing.

From the outset our goal was to use and integrate the three primary social media vehicles – Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We are also integrating search engine optimization techniques into our activities and posts.

As we grow and the social media landscape http://www.webdoctus.com/2010/01/25-mind-blowing-social-media-infographics/ evolves we’ll adapt. As one forum – Facebook for example – grows in stature we’ll add emphasis. But our central strategy to leverage and integrate social media activities in leading present and future vehicles remains the same.

The beauty of social media is that it’s wide open and the ultimate free market/individual communication environment. If you’re good at it and consistent, you get results. http://mootee.typepad.com/innovation_playground/2010/03/social-media-is-very-complex-and-social-relationships-online-are-messy-and-erratic-but-it-works-when.html

It’s also a bit like the wild west -- lots of open space, malleable rules, and the occasional bandit.

So too the MeetingMatrix Social Media Marketing Group – there’s room and space for everyone – even the occasional bandit.

Don Basler
Sr. Marketing Manager

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