Monday, August 30, 2010

The MeetingMatrix Room Diagram Setup Competition 2.0

room diagram
After the success of our first setup competition we decided it is time for version 2.0.

The Dover Ballroom is empty. Set it up!

Put your skills to the test and create the best setup in the Dover Ballroom to win a $100 iTunes Gift Certificate.

Don’t have MeetingMatrix? Download a free copy of MeetingMatrix Silver here to create your potential winning entry.

To begin creating your setup in MeetingMatrix, click on “New” then “Create a Setup using a Room”. In the Data Explorer, select the MeetingMatrix Demo & Training Facility. Next, “Select” the Dover Ballroom from the room list.

Once you complete your diagram follow these simple rules:

  1. Go to the MeetingMatrix Facebook page
  2. Become a fan – you need to do this to post an image
  3. Enter a brief description or name in the “share” box on our Facebook wall
  4. Attach your room diagram in JPG format ( a good size to post= 600 pixels wide x 480 pixels high)
  5. Watch the drama unfold as the competition heats up on our wall!

Multiple setups are encouraged – we also like to hear from everyone so if you have something
to say– comment away!

The competition begins today and will conclude on the 1st of October. After the dust settles, our panel of MeetingMatrix room diagram setup experts will select the winner based on overall presentation.

May the best Dover Ballroom setup win!!

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