Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3D Virtual Reality for Meeting Planners

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually see what a room setup looked like as you planned an event? Instead of a flat two dimensional diagram you got to see what the room looked like – the spacing of table and chairs, were the sight lines adequate as you toured the room, was the stage big enough, how the dance floor fit. And then make changes and see it again.

Now you can.

MeetingMatrix recently added our 3D-VR (Virtual Reality) capability to our online room setup and diagramming application ActiveMatrix.NET (we’ve had it for awhile with our MeetingMatrix software).

ActiveMatrix.NET, a web-based application, gives event planners browser access to interactive room diagrams of a facility’s meeting spaces. Planners can design room setups, make changes with mouse clicks, and print, save, or email completed diagrams to clients or the venue sales team.

Now planners can also take a virtual 360 degree walk through their proposed setup. They can ensure clear sight lines, make spacing among tables adequate, and evaluate the overall layout of the room – and make changes to the room set up in 3DVR.

It’s an added dimension (pun intended) to the room diagramming world that should make it easier for planners and their clients to get a real feel for what their event will look like.

To see a live example of 3D-VR go to: http://www.meetingmatrix.com/swf/WestinCharlotte.asp

Select a room and a setup. Once you update the setup click on the 3D icon near the bottom of the window. Use your mouse to move through the room.

Don Basler
Senior Marketing Manager

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