Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scan It! Mobile Action Codes

mobile action code
Have you heard of Mobile Action Codes?

It might be time for an introduction.

These are the scannable codes -- once used solely for shipping purposes -- that have catapulted their way into western culture and have unleashed a large number of interactive uses.

Before the internet, 2D advertising suited the needs of marketing departments and publishers worldwide. Now mobile technology has taken over and paired with online capabilities. And 2D advertising has been scrambling to keep its audience.

Alan Moore in his white paper, “The Glittering Allure of the Mobile Society,” notes that in its short life, mobile technology has surpassed the 3 billion user mark. This beats the internet alone which is sitting at just fewer than 2 billion people. Why is this such a big deal? Mobile technologies combine all media found in previous mass communication mediums (radio, movies, print, sound, internet, and television).

These codes breathe new life into print advertising. Once scanned, users are directed to an interactive experience created by the publisher. Business cards can now be embedded with digital contact information. Magazines containing codes provide users with goodies such as supplemental data, coupons, or rich media - just to name a few. To check out one version of this technology and to see its uses, visit Microsoft’s Tag site here. Their implementation seems to suite almost any application.

They have even found themselves being used in the meeting and event industry.

Tradeshows have been affected by these “shortcuts to fun”. Applications can be seen on booth graphics, posters, and at the end of PowerPoint presentations which include product websites and presenter contact info.

They even seem to work in blog entries.

Scott Sanker
Graphic Designer

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